Installation Instructions

Swanson Bark and Wood Products Inc. recommends using the services of a certified engineer or a landscape architect who is familiar with the local soil and climatic conditions to evaluate the installation site information provided especially as it relates to drainage. Swanson Bark and Wood Products Inc. assumes no responsibility for determining any characteristics, metrics, or size of play structures, components, or their safety requirements, including spacing from structure and the border. An installer must thoroughly examine the installation site, pertinent legal and manufacturing specifications, as well as carefully check the design dimensions before starting work. Swanson Bark and Wood Products play surface media must be installed in compliance to the relevant surface media guidelines as set forth in the ASTM surface media installation and use standards for the applicable media being utilized, in relevance to the appropriate safety metrics required for the relevant material application. Swanson Play Surface Media should only be installed by trained persons who possess complete understanding of the installation requirements. Swanson Play Surface Media installation depth must be a minimum 12-inches of compacted material once installed. A common way of installation to ensure proper depth of media is obtained is by the utilization of wood stakes commonly used in earthwork grading. The stakes are pounded into the prepared area prior to installation of surface media with the proper material height marked on the stake. Care should be taken in measurement of installation height marking adjusting for base material elevation variance’s and allowing for compaction (typically an additional 30% of depth in material) marked on each stake. Once material has been installed to the proper compacted levels on the steaks the installer simply removes the steaks. Material must be at required depth and compaction levels to ensure proper safety factors are always maintained. Frequent maintenance of the Play Surface Media including reworking of high traffic/use areas must be performed as well as removal of contaminates. Along with frequent product inspection and/or resurfacing of material to ensure proper compacted depth and non-degradation of material is always maintained. As is common with play surfacing material, the replacement schedule for Play Surfacing Media should be every three to five years with the adherence to the maintenance and inspections outlined in the installation instructions. Failure to maintain proper material depth, compaction levels, and compliance with maintenance and resurfacing of play media renders media ineffective and may result in hazardous conditions.