Quality, sustainability and employees… not necessarily in that order

Since 1928 Swanson Bark and Wood Products (then known as Swanson Fuels) has shipped high quality sustainable wood products in the United States and abroad. The company’s biggest transformation came in 1994 when John Leber took the lead as president of Swanson and grew the company from 20 employees to over 100, while expanding the product lines to include mulch, custom soil blends, rock, biomass and much more. Under the guidance of its current president, Joy Leber, Swanson remains a leader in the industry.

Our 84 acre facility in Longview, Washington is home to a rail spur, bag plant, retail store and has enough space to keep ample material on hand at all times.

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Safety, Quality and Lean

Swanson Bark & Wood Products, Inc. is committed to maintaining a safe and healthy workplace. We believe that every injury is preventable and that everyone on the Swanson team plays a major role in injury prevention. Our “open door” policy serves to empower every Swanson employee, no matter their job title, to call attention to potentially hazardous behaviors or situations and to offer solutions that will mitigate risk and further refine our safety procedures. At Swanson, safety is our number one priority.

Our goal to be an industry leader drives us to constantly seek innovative solutions that will improve both customer and vendor satisfaction. One of those solutions is the implementation of lean manufacturing principles that will help us identify and eliminate any source of potential waste in our manufacturing processes. Working to refine every aspect of our business allows us to provide high quality products and great customer service.