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Swanson Bark manufactures  a variety of soil blends. They are Potters Gold, Premium Potting Mix, Garden Blend, Prefered Soil, Soil Energy, and Organic Plus.  Each soil mix meets a specific gardening or landscaping need. Click on an image below for more information on our top three.

Our Blends

Swanson Bark & Wood Products provides wholesale clients with a complete range of soil products and service solutions. We sell the individual ingredients as well as finished mixes. If you would like us to create a custom soil mix for you, we will source the materials and produce precisely what you want. We mix potting soils and grow mixes of all types, in addition to being able to provide composted materials that can be used as soil enhancers. 

Soil Solutions

All of our soil products are available in bulk, bale, or bag. Bagging sizes can range from 2 yard super sacks to 4 quart.  See our Co-Bagging page for more details.

Soil Bagging


We can source materials, package and Exceptional Sourcingdeliver your custom soil recipes, saving you time and space requirements.

Through our broad network of vendors, we can source any material you need in your soil.

We have a wide variety of feedstocks available on hand.  Our compost source is STA approved. We can add organic or inorganic fertilizers depending on your need. 

We have the ability to screen the media to your exacting specification.

We can meet a wide range of pH to accommodate  nearly any growing medium.

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